While It Remains Federally Illegal, That Has Not Stopped The Other 28 States That Have Medical Marijuana From Passing It.

… Are we a nation of laws or not? This bill just passed tells us we are not a nation of laws. If we are a nation of laws, then the government is supposed to obey the law. We have decided that we are above the law and that is dangerous precedent. While it remains federally illegal, that has not stopped the other 28 states that have medical marijuana from passing it. As Delegate Charlotte Lane, R-Kanawha, explained, perhaps West Virginia can play its part in helping change a federal law that many believe is out of date. This is a good piece of legislation, Lane said. People may not be 100 percent happy with it, but its a lot further than we thought we would ever get in this session. … Why not give this piece of legislation a chance and hope the federal government will follow our lead? Lets hope Lane is correct.

To read more visit Green Rush href=’http://www.timeswv.com/opinion/editorial-medical-marijuana-can-help-alleviate-pain-and-suffering-of/article_134b786c-1a7d-11e7-abe0-13c4407b7411.html’ rel=’nofollow’>http://www.timeswv.com/opinion/editorial-medical-marijuana-can-help-alleviate-pain-and-suffering-of/article_134b786c-1a7d-11e7-abe0-13c4407b7411.html

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