Were Not Looking To Say No, Were Just Looking To Say Hold, Selectman Gary Fowler Said.

Bryan McGonigle bmcgonigle@wickedlocal.com @GtownRecord With recreational marijuana possession and eventually, commercial sale legal, the Georgetown Board of Selectmen is looking into implementing a moratorium on it in Georgetown to allow the Planning Department to come up with new guidelines for the controversial new industry. “Were not looking to say no, were just looking to say hold,” Selectman Gary Fowler said. Some communities have already done this. Butcomplicating the issue more in Georgetown is that there is a medical marijuana grow facility and dispensary opening in town, owned by Healthy Pharms. Town Administrator Mike Farrell met with town counsel to discuss the issue, because something jumped out marijuana at him that was written in the Healthy Pharms Host Agreement, in Section 17, which reads: “The town further agrees that in the event that marijuana becomes legal for recreational uses, it shall not oppose the companys decision, if any, to pursue permitting to engage in recreational marijuana operations.” This means Healthy Pharms can legally now try to get permits to cultivate cannabis for recreational use and possibly once recreational marijuana shops become legal in 2018 set up such a shop, in addition to its medical marijuana dispensary and grow operation. “So preventing it in total will probably be out of question that ship has sailed,” Farrell said. “It complicates the matter. So we need to be in discussions with Healthy Pharms as we go along this trail.” As for the moratorium, Farrel said legal counsel suggested waiting until the laws are settled. Massachusetts voters approved recreational marijuana possession and cultivation as well as cannabis shops in the 2016 election. But then, a group of legislators passed a bill delaying some parts of the legalization, including the allowance of shops, to about mid-2018, and efforts are still underway to alter the legalization language approved by voters in 2016. “[The laws] are going to change a lot, and theyre not going to be settled for another year and a half,” Farrell said.

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