Veterans Canada Has No Plans to Lift Cap on Medical Marijuana Reimbursement

Veterans Affairs Canada plans to hold the line for now on its policy for medical marijuana after a move that capped reimbursements reversed years of rapid spending growth in the program.

“At the present time, there are no plans to change the maximum daily reimbursement limit of the three grams per day, or to amend the criteria for the exceptional approval for reimbursement of the more than three grams per day,” said Sandra Williamson, the department’s senior director for health care programs.

An internal departmental briefing note from February indicated that a review could be in the works, and referenced a directive from Treasury Board to report on the impacts of the new reimbursement policy.

“Due to the greater than expected use of the exceptional approval process, the lack of appropriate supporting documentation, and the large increases in grams being requested, a review of the policy, including the exceptional approval process, is being considered,” Deputy Minister Walt Natynczyk wrote.

CBC News obtained the briefing material through access to information.

The briefing note indicated that the cap responded directly to recommendations by the auditor general “to focus on the health and well-being of veterans, as well as cost containment.”

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