To Give Law Enforcement The Guidance They Need, Said Rep.

The change would force those patients to either move to an industrial or agricultural area, or shop at a dispensary. Of the 28 states with legal medical marijuana, none but Colorado currently allows more than 16 pot plants per home. Many Colorado jurisdictions including Denver already have per-home plant limits, usually at 12. But the lack of a statewide limit makes it difficult for police to distinguish between legitimate patients and fronts for black-market weed, bill supporters argued Friday. “The time has come for us … to give law enforcement the guidance they need,” said Rep. Cole Wist , a Centennial Republican and another bill sponsor. Marijuana patients have been flooding lawmakers with complaints about the bill, which was introduced just last week. The first hearing on the measure lasted until near midnight. Lawmakers softened the bill Green Rush by raising its original limit from 12 plants to 16 plants, and by saying that patients caught with too much pot in the House would face a petty offense, and felony charges only later. But those changes weren’t enough for some Democrats , who argued in vain that it shouldn’t be a felony until the third offense to have too much pot in the home.

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