Thumbs down: Pass rush meets the green rush

It wouldn’t be sports on TV (unfortunately) without a deluge of advertising for gambling, liquor and medication for erectile dysfunction. So it’s probably only a matter of time before marijuana gets in on the action. But it was still disappointing to learn that University of Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster, the San Francisco 49ers top draft choice, celebrated his ascendance into the NFL with a party sponsored by a company that sells vaporizers for marijuana and that less popular and politically correct weed, tobacco.

Count us among those who would like to see more 49er victories. But it wasn’t an auspicious start for Foster, who, as Press Democrat blogger Grant Cohn pointed out, failed his drug test at the NFL Scouting Combine and will be subject to frequent testing under the league’s substance-abuse program. Foster’s explanation? “Um, I’m not answering that. I’m sorry,” he told Cohn. “Next question.” OK. Is there someone else we can root for? Thumbs down.

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