They Didnt Deny Their Involvement With The Drug, But Countered That They Are The Founding Members Of The Church Of Cognizance, Which Teaches That Marijuana Is A Deity And Sacrament.

They didnt deny their involvement with the drug, but countered that they are the founding members of the Church of Cognizance, which teaches that marijuana is a deity and sacrament. As a result, they submitted, any prosecution of them is precluded by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), which forbids the federal government from substantially burdening sincere religious exercises absent a countervailing compelling governmental interest. After taking extensive evidence, the district court denied the motion to dismiss. It held, as a matter of law, that the Quaintances professed beliefs are not religious but secular. In addition and in any event, the district court found, as a matter of fact, that the Quaintances dont sincerely hold the religious beliefs they claim to hold, but instead seek to use the cover of religion to pursue secular drug trafficking activities. In 2013 ( Family of Ryan Wilson v. City of Lafayette and Taser International ), Gorsuch held that a Colorado police officers fatal Taser use on a man who was fleeing a Medical marijuana stocks marijuana arrest was justified: Illegal processing and manufacturing of marijuana may not be inherently violent crimes but they were felonies under Colorado law at the time of the incident. And Officer Harris testified, without rebuttal, that he had been trained that people who grow marijuana illegally tend to be armed and ready to use force to protect themselves and their unlawful investments. And in 2015 ( Feinberg et al.

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