The City’s Planning Commission Will Discuss The Subject Of Medical Marijuana At Its Meeting At 7 P.m.

The medical marijuana business involves three components — cultivation, processing and dispensing. “We would like to do all three,” said Councilman at-large Jason Russell. “We’re interested in implementing medical marijuana in harmony with our residents’ best interests and as an income opportunity.” Russell, who is chair of City Council’s Zoning & Planning Committee, has been working the past several months in Medical marijuana determining proper venues for the phases of the business. He has done so by scrutinizing the city’s zoning map and noting locations that are not near schools, parks, churches or the library. At Monday’s council meeting, a resolution was passed that continues the six-month moratorium South Euclid placed in September, 2016, on all things that would further medical marijuana operations in South Euclid. The continuation of the moratorium, for up to six months, merely enables the city to complete the process of lining up its regulations to welcome potential business. The city’s Planning Commission will discuss the subject of medical marijuana at its meeting at 7 p.m. March 9 at city hall, and Russell’s committee will address the topic at its meeting, at 6:30 p.m. March 13. Several area communities placed moratoriums on the medical marijuana business in 2016. Recently, the city of Richmond Heights lifted its moratorium and made clear that it is open to offers in the areas of cultivation, processing and dispensing in hopes of increasing income.

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