The Ancillary And Collateral Dangers Of Marijuana In The Larger Picture Of Drug Addiction And Criminal Behavior Are Real.

During the discussion, I predicted that Pennsylvania would follow surrounding states and eventually succumb to legalizing recreational marijuana. I thought the politicians would at least wait until after the growers licenses and marijuana farms were up and running before this push would become public. Auditor General Eugene DePasquale surprised me with how swiftly he jumped on the stage and beat his drum Medical marijuana for legalizing pot. The ancillary and collateral dangers of marijuana in the larger picture of drug addiction and criminal behavior are real. DePasquale must not be able to see it or is driven by political reasons to support it. Although marijuana does not directly cause opioid addiction, it is a gateway to other aberrant behaviors and drug addictions. Making marijuana legal as a recreational substance only increases the potential to slide down the rabbit hole to opioid addiction. I blame former President Barack Obama for this downward spiral of public acceptance for drug use. Go to to see the hundreds of convicted drug dealers whose sentences were pardoned or look up Randy Lanier, the former Indy car driver who imported more than 300 tons of marijuana and was let out of federal prison early by Obama despite the overwhelming volume of marijuana he smuggled into this country.

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