Should There Be Kosher Cannabis In Canada? | Ottawa Citizen

The Kashruth Council of Canada met this weekto discuss an application from MedReleaf, a licensed producer of medical pot. The meeting followed news in the U.S. that a New York company would soon offer certified kosher medical cannabis products. But after a lot of interplay and exchange, the Kashruth council decided the Jewish faith doesnt require sick people to consume kosher medicine, said managing director Richard Rabkin. Something that is medicine, thats prescribed from your doctor, that you need to take for your health, that doesnt need kosher certification, he said by phone after the meeting. We dont really want to get into the business of providing kosher certification for something that is doctor-prescribed. Were not going to go down that path. Kosher foods are those that conform to Jewish law, with strict guidelines on the types of foods that can be consumed and how they are prepared. Rabkin said theres a principle in Judaism that the preservation of human life overrides other religious concerns. If one must consume something non-kosher to survive or, in the case of medical marijuana, to relieve pain or seizures one can and should do so.

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