Several Concerned Residents And Business Owners Are Petitioning The City For Support To Help Keep The Local Businesses In Grover Beach.

If they go, they take a large chunk of our economy and a swath of goodwill with them. The ordinance process has stalled while the city drafts new rules allowing marijuana businesses in any of the citys industrial areas, not just the former proposed district. Though the new rules would allow the businesses in other industrial areas in the city, it is likely more would operate in the 70-acre industrial zone on the southern end of the city because of its size. The other industrial areas are sandwiched between Highway 1 and residential areas and are much smaller than the Farroll and Highland zone. Several concerned residents and business owners are petitioning the city for support to help keep the local businesses in Grover Beach. For the Browns, though, much of it is too little, too late. The couple will close the shop April 26 and relocate to a warehouse owned by a friend. The space doesnt have room to fit much of Andy Browns equipment, including the rack he uses for car alignments a major part of his business. Everybody knows me for doing that, and once I lose that, its huge, he said. Lauri Brown estimated the couple would lose about 50 to 60 percent of their business while they look for another suitable location outside of Grover Beach. When asked how they Green Rush thought they would feel on their last day in the shop, Lauri Brown paused and looked away, close to tears.

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