Question 2 Requires The State To Do So By January 2018.

“If their early-start program gets out there, we don’t need this bill, but if there’s hiccups in that or something, this would be an alternative.” The tax department is also holding hearings on proposed pot rules. “I would like to emphasize that I feel like Medical marijuana that process is prudent and it is with a lot of thought and so I’m confident that the state will be ready to go on July 1,” Contine said. With voter approval, Nevada legalized recreational pot for adults 21 and older last year. But there’s nowhere to legally buy marijuana for personal use until the state permits dispensaries to sell it. Question 2 requires the state to do so by January 2018. Segerblom’s bill would similarly give permission. It would install the 10 percent state sales tax on recreational marijuana that Gov. Brian Sandoval floated in January, as well as another 5 percent sales tax to benefit local governments. Segerblom said his measure would streamline collection. “We both agree we want to have one inventory, one accounting system,” for various taxes on recreational and marijuana sales, he told Contine.

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