Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA)
has remained a top seller of EVERx CBD Sports Water for quite a while now. The
company’s CEO Brian Shibley says they are moving into a European Distribution
Agreement for their leading product.

The agreement and what it entails

released the details about the agreement through a presentation and said the
company might generate high revenues. According to him, they might even make $4
on an annual basis. The presentation was conducted at the Arnold Sports
Festival in Barcelona.

shareholders have been piling pressure on the company to disclose the
distributor the company is collaborating with. So far, it remains a mystery for
them since the business guru hasn’t named the distributor yet.

PURA faces pressure to name its new

 PURA hasn’t yet announced the distributor
doesn’t mean it is going to keep it a secret forever. Meanwhile, it needs to
look out for the interests of its new clients and partners. The problem is that
an early announcement usually results in new clients and partners receiving
some unsolicited calls. Most of them are not welcoming of such calls, and the
company should protect them.

company has also revealed the findings from a research body known as Goldman
Small Cap. This researcher had been entrusted with carrying out a CBD beverage
industry survey on behalf of the company and is already through with the
process. PURA says it will soon unveil the information collected from the
survey. The business guru usually conducts such surveys to help enhance
existing products or introducing new ones. The plan at the moment is to launch
new CBD infused coffee, beer, and tea beverages.

also intends to publish updates of its new coffee infused with CBD as well as
the unveiling of TranquiliTeaCBD. It also knows that the shareholders are eager
to know the company’s progress update. In this regard, it intends to provide
more information about the 2019 $4 million sales milestone.

the past six months, the company has already managed to generate about $1
million in CBD beverage sales. In the previous year, it generated about $1
million as well. The new milestone seems high, but only time will tell.