Pot Bank Begs For Access To Nation’s Banking System | Postindependent.com

I get that. I agree with that. But thats not the legal question here, is it? Jackson said. The pot banks lawyer argued that national marijuana legalization is inevitable, but Jackson retorted that the pot bank should take up its problem with Congress and not the courts. If I were in the Congress, Id vote for you, but Ive got to do the job of a federal judge here, Jackson said. The judge repeatedly tried to encourage the sides to work something out themselves, perhaps by agreeing that Fourth Corner would serve only people who believe marijuana should be legal, not taking money from businesses that sell pot. Jackson pointed out that hundreds of banks already do take pot proceeds, even if they sometimes pretend they dont know what theyre doing. For example, the state of Colorado uses Wells Fargo bank, meaning that tax proceeds from the sale of marijuana goes into the nations banking system already. I think theres a certain unfairness to allowing these big banks to serve this business and keeping you out. But its not for me, I dont think, to decide issues of fairness or policy. My job is to enforce and apply the law, Jackson said.

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