Planning Commission Approves Medical Marijuana Zoning Ban | San Clemente Times

(CBSNewYork) Medical marijuana will soon be available at state-sanctioned locations in New York City possibly as soon as this week. As CBS2s Scott Rapoport reported, four dispensaries will be opening to dispense cannabis legally. But there are certain things they wont have. No joints, no cookies, no brownies nothing of that sort, said Ari Hoffnung of Vireo Health of New York. The marijuana will be distributed in the form of capsules, liquid cannabis, and vaporizers using oil to replace rolled joints. That is the law, according to Hoffnung, whose company is preparing to open a business in Queens and in White Plains. People are not going to be served by bud-tenders like in Denver, Colorado, but by licensed pharmacists, Hoffnung said. The first business in the city to open would be here on 14th Street and Third Avenue just east of Union Square possibly as early as Thursday. Its chief executive officer touted the benefits of the product.

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