One Result May Be The Shrinkage Of An Economic Niche That Has Provided Some Tax Benefits For Colorado.

It may also have been naive to believe that President Donald Trump, at least nominally a small-government, states-rights Republican, would pause before taking aim at a decision by a majority of Colorados voters. Medical marijuana Many of them were not advocates of marijuana use but voted yes for other reasons. The president may have been motivated by the fact that it was the Obama administrations decision not to prioritize the prosecution of marijuana users that opened the door for legalization. He may have noticed that three of four states where recreational pot use is legal supported his opponent last November. He may have been playing to his base. For whatever reason, the White House announced last week that states where recreational marijuana is legal are likely to see greater enforcement. One result may be the shrinkage of an economic niche that has provided some tax benefits for Colorado. Last year, marijuana sales accounted for $199 million in state taxes and fees, on total sales of $1.3 billion. Thats big business, and the revenue goes toward school construction, public health and law enforcement not expenditures Coloradans will be eager to cut. The industry has also created jobs. The president seems unwilling to target medical marijuana use, which accounts for about a third of the states marijuana sales. That distinction which could offer some shelter for people who had marijuana cards before recreational use was decriminalized.

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