Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiative Short On Signatures

The affliction caused the muscles in her hand to tighten up, and then the muscles in her arm were so tight that it was held up close to her body. She also stuttered badly. After smoking, her stutter went away and her arm relaxed considerably. Bill Love same thing for half a pill doctors prescribe all they do is mask it Pablo Jones I dont deny many pills just mask the symptoms, pain pills are a good example. But the point I was making was is it the compounds that directly reduce the pain or is it just because they are high.

A psychosomatic response from the high that just makes them think they are better. Bill Love the main reason cancer patients get medical marijuana is to help them get an appetite and help ease the pain which I would rather do than taking prescription pills Pablo Jones What would you say off you had cancer and a doctor said. .. here is how we are going to treat your cancer. You are going to smoke your medication.

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