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Trokie is a high-tech pharmaceutical delivery system, requires advanced technical skill and equipment, and Silver State Trading can support that production.” Silver State Trading’s co-President and Co-CEO, Shane Johnson, M.D., shares, “The Trokie is as medical as one can get in terms of route of administration, and a perfect formulation for medical cannabis patients such as those with cancer who don’t want to smoke, and seek greater reliability than can be obtained with edibles. We are excited tohave Dr. Crowley join our team, and intend to develop a series of new products leveraging Dr. Crowley’s formulation expertise. We are also working on pharmacokinetic studies so that we can report objectively the bioavailability of Trokie’s different products, something that only GW Pharmaceuticals has accomplished to date.” “Trokie created growing dispensary coverage inside California, in addition to a direct-to-patient model more focused on data collection and research. We benefit from the associated learnings and market traction. Our immediate intention is to expand market coverage in California, while introducing Trokie to the legal Dispensary Channel inside Nevada. As Dispensary Operators well know, what is on the label needs to be the dosage found in the package, which is a growing concern.Trokie effectively solves that issue and is a perfect fit for patients in need,” offered Silver State Trading co-President and co-CEO John Sutton. About Trokie At Trokie we have a mission of being the catalyst in the transformation of the medicinal cannabis industry. Trokie is bridging the gap between traditional medicine and medicinal cannabis by pharmaceutical dosing combined with a unique delivery system.

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