Marijuana Legalization 2016: Alaska Recreational Weed To Be Served In ‘pot Cafes’

Yet, much of the country has yet to follow suit. With the trend continuing to rise, there is a high expectation among cannabis advocates that pot legalization initiatives or amendments will be showing up on ballots in the November, 2016, elections. This has businesses excited about the potential growth of the marijuana industry. Analysts believe, should national marijuana legalization take hold in 2016, the industry stands to bring in $35 billion in annual sales. Even celebrities are getting excited about the business opportunity. In a related Inquisitr report, Snoop Dogg invested $10 million in a company that wants to deliver marijuana directly to a buyers home. Despite the significant probability for success, there is no guarantee pot cafes will work. Many are concerned about regulating the quality and consistency of edible marijuana products. Additionally, keeping the products out of the hands of people under 21 could be next to impossible. Although marijuana legalization laws will continue to sweep across the nation in 2016, the U.S. government has yet to enact legislation that decriminalizes cannabis at the federal level.

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