Marijuana Business Activities That Are Expected To Be Permitted In The District Include Pot Grows, Dispensaries, Nurseries, Manufacturing Operations And Testing Laboratories.

legalize-marijuana-california-environment The initial plan only allows for medical marijuana dispensaries to open. Recreational pot shops may open in the area when the state of California begins licensing them in 2018. Marijuana business activities that are expected to be permitted in the district include pot grows, dispensaries, nurseries, manufacturing operations and testing laboratories. Businesses will have to obtain local and state licensing. In conjunction with the statewide vote to legalize marijuana, Grover Beach voters backed a pot tax measure on last Novembers ballot. The initiative imposes a maximum 5 percent tax on gross receipts for medical marijuana business activity and a maximum 10 percent tax on non-medical marijuana businesses. Medical marijuana stocks Additionally, pot farms and nurseries will be taxed at a maximum of $25 per square foot of canopy on the first 5,000 square feet and $10 per square foot thereafter. An additional excise tax was passed as part of Proposition 64. Mondays council vote was on the initial readings of the ordinances. The ordinances are expected to return for final adoption on Feb.

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