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He’s testifying at a Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board meeting in Olympia Wednesday. According to a Seattle Times article , the independent scientist in Woodinville went through public records and found three specific labs did not fail a single sample of marijuana over a three-month period last year. Other scientists said it would be almost impossible for that many samples to come back clean. Under the recreational marijuana law, merchants have to send samples of every strain and harvest to labs for testing, before they’re allowed to be sold in stores. The recent revelation from the independent scientist found that out of 12 licensed labs, those three labs should be labeled as “friendly” to pot growers. Four others he considered to be “kind of friendly” to merchants, and five other labs appeared to be more “neutral. What does it really mean? In the worst case, some of the marijuana in retail stores could be sold even though it fails to meet state standards for mold. The marijuana may have unreported microbes and bacteria, residual solvent or even pesticides. According to the Times article, the Liquor and Cannabis Board is aware of the independent review and will hear more about it Wednesday.

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