Jurupa Valley: Council Bans Marijuana Businesses

JURUPA VALLEY: Council bans marijuana businesses Both Pismo and Paso city stated that revisiting the bans after the state’s March 1 deadline were a possibility. The ordinance would ban the cultivation, and other uses of marijuana, and would include a criminal misdemeanor penalty as a public nuisance. “So the option logically and action tonight is to go with option A”. Unlike Grover Beach , the ban in Pismo is total and prohibits personal cultivation by patients and caregivers in addition to commercial enterprises. “Really, what last night did was fuel the fire for everyone to work harder to change their minds”, said Sister Darcey.&. “It’s not the kind of business I’d like to see operating in my city”. To compensate for the lack of time, city staff is presenting the council with a blanket of options from which to choose in what staff called “Build-a-Bear ordinance”. “I think, generally, it will be accepted”. Reedley City Manager Nicole Zieba said the city will maintain its ban on commercial cultivation and dispensaries.

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