Individuals Who Get This Tend To Be Younger When They Start And Have Been Using Marijuana For A Long Time, Men More Than Women For Some Reason, Dr.

Steve says it wasnt so much the studys link between pot smoking and excessive vomiting, but the identification of the one thing that commonly brings patients who suffer from CHS reliefimmersion in hot water by way of a hot shower or a bath. I would literally spend 2-3 weeks immersed in hot water 24 hours a day, Elias said. Within minutes of getting out of my hot water, I would get excruciating agonizing nauseous, and Id have to rush back in and immerse myself and it wasnt total relief, but it was enough to rid me of that feeling away that Im gonna just die if I dont do something. Dr. Linda Nguyen is a gastroenterologist at Stanford Health Care. She says the legal and political issues around marijuana means there havent been many studies of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome. No one knows why the hot showers help with the symptoms and the hotter the baths, the hotter the shower, the better they feel, Nguyen said. There have been reports where patients have actually scalded themselves because Medical marijuana they needed it at such hot temperatures. The thought is there might be a build up of the THC in the brain where it changes some of the thermal sensors and that may be why the heat helps out with it, Nguyen added. She says the syndrome is not common among chronic pot user and its unknown why some chronic users end up developing CHS, and others dont. Individuals who get this tend to be younger when they start and have been using marijuana for a long time, men more than women for some reason, Dr. Nguyen said.

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