In February, Staff Processed 12,948 Requests By Phone, Email And Online.

They will be required to provide the same documentation. Online registration can be found at . Patients approved through the online system can print their card or display it digitally on their mobile device. The online system also is a more secure method of applying because patients are in control of the information entered. Individuals who mail their applications, on the other hand, run the risk of having their application lost in the mail. In addition, there is more risk of human error when the application information is entered manually into the online system, which could further delay approval or renewal. The registry will continue to accept mail-in applications until January 2018, but those applications will continue to take much longer to process. Because of the recent backlog and new online system, registry personnel are also experiencing a significant spike in call Medical marijuana and email volumes. As a result, patients should expect extended hold and response times. In February, staff processed 12,948 requests by phone, email and online. Currently, more than 16,500 patients are registered online, which is approximately 20 percent of all patients on the registry.

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