If You Have Marijuana, You Cant Have Gaming.

Marijuana, the newest legal vice in this capital of vice, will also be kept separate, even when the state gets its system of Medical marijuana recreational dispensaries set up. The zoning rules for Clark County dont allow dispensaries anywhere near a casino. Clark County has at least a dozen dispensaries parallel to the Strip, but theyre at least several blocks away and nowhere in sight. In addition, the Nevada Gaming Control Board does not allow investors in the casino industry to invest in dispensaries, and vice versa. You cant have both, Sisolak said. If you have gaming, you cant have marijuana. If you have marijuana, you cant have gaming. The major Las Vegas casinos declined comment or did not return messages from CNNMoney. But Sisolak said he has spoken to casinos that have questions as it relates to employees, and generally want to wait to see how legalization shakes out. Right now theyve made it clear to me they dont like it on Las Vegas Boulevard, he said. A.G. Burnett, chairman of the gaming board, said that after legalization his board informed the casino industry that marijuana is still a federal crime, and gaming licensees should not be involved. In Las Vegas proper, off the Strip, zoning rules are less restrictive.

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