I Think [broadcast] Stations Would Certainly Like To Take The Money, Said Jordan Walton, President Of The Massachusetts Broadcasters Association, Which Represents Many Of The States Tv And Radio Stations.

I can see the allure. I think [broadcast] stations would certainly like to take the money, said Jordan Walton, president of the Massachusetts Broadcasters Association, which represents many of the states TV and radio stations. But when it comes to license renewal time, marijuana is not something you want to be talking to the Federal Communications Commission about. Its just not worth the risk. The MBTA is another firm no it has an explicit policy prohibiting ads that promote the sale, use, or cultivation of marijuana or marijuana-related products. Facebook, one of the largest advertising venues on the Internet, bans content that promotes marijuana use. And ad-giant Google also rejects nearly all pot-related ads . States that have legalized marijuana typically limit advertising by dispensaries they license, prohibiting them from buying space on billboards and running commercials in outlets where a large number of children may see them, among other restrictions. In Massachusetts, the voter-approved law legalizing recreational marijuana gives the Cannabis Control Commission leeway to impose limits on ads by dispensaries. But marijuana companies say media companies, not regulators, Marijuana Stocks are being overly cautious, rejecting ads not only from dispensaries that are operating legally, but from ancillary companies that dont even sell pot makers of pipes and vaporizers, for example, or publications about cannabis culture. The inability to advertise to a wider audience, they argue, is holding back efforts to professionalize marijuanas image and costing the industry millions of dollars in lost opportunity. In states where voters have opened up legal avenues, marijuana businesses ought to be able to communicate about their business, said Taylor West, deputy director of the National Cannabis Industry Association. But there are so many restrictions on the advertising these companies can do.

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