Guerras Resolution Would Order The Businesses To Pay Into A Fund That Would Direct Money To Community Programs In Individual Council Districts Based On The Scale And Number Of Marijuana Businesses.

There may be not just primary but secondary effects (from marijuana growing). Even the industry and cultivators want to make sure everyone around them is benefiting. Guerras resolution would order the businesses to Marijuana Stocks pay into a fund that would direct money to community programs in individual council districts based on the scale and number of marijuana businesses. The city plan invites pot producers to pay up front by pledging 1 percent of gross revenues to the neighborhood fund. By agreeing to do so, they would be exempted from paying more if eventual neighborhood-impact fees set by the city are higher. But the businesses wouldnt get a discount in future payments if the city decided to set lower fees. Thats causing some confusion with marijuana businesses on whether they want to agree to payments in advance or to wait. We are discussing this with all organizations Im involved with, said Kimberly Cargile, a medical marijuana advocate who runs A Therapeutic Alternative dispensary in East Sacramento and also is a board member for a cultivation venture that is seeking a commercial license from the city. We are all split. I am personally split. I want to give the 1 percent, she added. I want to give back to our surrounding communities.

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