Give Me A Break, He Said During His Speech, Which Again Lumped Together Drug Use And An Uptick Last Year In Violent Crime.

Speaking to law enforcement agencies in Virginia, Sessions said he and his office may rethink some of the policies regarding federal enforcement of marijuana laws in states that have legalized recreational and medical marijuana, according to The Washington Post. Medical marijuana has been hyped, maybe too much, Sessions said. The Post reports that Sessions also said after his speech Green Rush that he was dubious of medical marijuana and research that points to it being an alternative painkiller and treatment option for opioid addicts. Ive heard people say we could solve our heroin problem with marijuana. How stupid is that? Give me a break, he said during his speech, which again lumped together drug use and an uptick last year in violent crime. Eight states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana sales, but medical marijuana is legal in 28 states and D.C. Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman responded to Sessions prior comments by inviting him to Colorado to see its program firsthand. “I’d like to be able to share what we have learned and where we have put in place a good framework for marijuana regulations,” she said. “Now for the federal government to say we’re doing things wrong, or we’re going to come in and take this regulation away from you without having first looked to see what we’re doing is precipitous.” During Wednesdays speech, Sessions also said that the country has too much tolerance for drug use, and went back to citing Nancy Reagans Just Say No campaign as a means for combating drug use, according to The Post.

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