Former Federal Prosecutor Sets Up Medical Marijuana Law Practice – City & Region – The Buffalo News

Gromis got out of the hemp business in 2009, but remains a supporter of hemp, calling it the most beneficial plant that Mother Nature has ever given us. Married to Julie Leatherbarrow, a local artist, since 2007, Gromis has spent most of his time in recent years as a stay-at-home dad to the couples two young daughters. He said his strong feelings about medical marijuana spurred him to return to the practice of law. Gromis said he believes the states new program, which took take effect this month, is inadequate in many ways. Unless they add more medical conditions that people can use medical marijuana for, its going to be difficult for the New York law to be viable, he said. The New York law only covers a fraction of the medical conditions that are covered in other states. New York law will medical marijuana to be used to treat 10 illnesses, including cancer, Parkinsons disease, multiple sclerosis and neuropathies. In most states, it is much simpler. The doctor makes a finding that a patient has a condition for which cannabis may provide relief, the attorney said. Gromis noted that, under current law, New York wont allow patients to smoke marijuana or purchase it in edible forms. Those are the ways that many people prefer it, Gromis said. In New York, youll only be able to buy oil extracts of marijuana.

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