Despite Czuprynski’s Objections, Jurrens Prohibited Him From Consuming Or Possessing Alcohol, Being In A Bar, Or Using Medical Marijuana, For Which Czuprynski Is A Licensed Patient.

After a jury found Czuprynski guilty of moving violation causing serious bodily impairment, Saginaw County District Judge M. Randall Jurrens on Jan. 18 sentenced him to 18 months’ probation. Despite Czuprynski’s objections, Jurrens prohibited him from consuming or possessing alcohol, being in a bar, or using medical marijuana, for which Czuprynski is a licensed patient. Jurrens did offer a caveat, however; he would consider letting Czuprynski use marijuana if he could more thoroughly prove he needs the substance. To that end, Czuprynski on Feb. 13 filed two motions in Bay County Circuit Court asking his probation be amended Green Rush to allow him use of “physician-recommended medical marijuana.” In the motions, Czuprynsk argues that depriving him the use of marijuana would amount to an unlawful impingement on the privacy inherent in a physician-patient relationship. Edward Czuprynski gets probation, argues again he was railroaded by police “It is not for the Court to impose upon this physician-patient relationship another layer of medical decision-making, to override the good-faith decision of Mr. Czuprynski’s chosen physician, and to usurp the reigns [sic] as a final decision maker in whose selection Mr. Czuprynski had no part,” one of the motions states. Czuprynski also argues Jurrens’ ban impinges on his right to exercise informed consent and constitutes unauthorized practice of medicine.

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