County Commissioner Sal Pace, Long A Proponent Of The Industry, Said A Lot Of Ancillary Businesses In The County Have Seen Great Success.

Theres real estate. We saw the cannabis industry rent a lot of B- and C-class retail space, and also transform a lot of industrial space, he said, adding that packaging companies also saw Green Rush more business. Orens underscored the unique economic amplification effect of the federal prohibition on marijuana. Its like those buy local campaigns, he said with a chuckle. A dollar spent in the cannabis industry in Massachusetts will mostly stay in Massachusetts and will then get spent within the cannabis industry or other industries that are closely related, or are serving it. Pueblo County, Colo., population 164,000, has become a hub of that states marijuana business since recreational sales began in January 2014. County Commissioner Sal Pace, long a proponent of the industry, said a lot of ancillary businesses in the county have seen great success. In Colorado, we found security services got a good bump. … Theres real estate.

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