City Of Merced Bans The Sale And Cultivation Of Medical Marijuana |

(KFSN) — City leaders in Merced have introduced an ordinance that will ban the sale and cultivation of medical marijuana. The city has been weighing its options and a decision was made at the end of a long meeting Monday night. The question was whether to regulate or ban it. Many in the crowd stood in support of regulation in hopes of running a marijuana business in the city or being able to buy medical pot. Sister Kate who is with the Sisters of the Valley grows plants to make oils and skin creams says the ordinance will put her out of business. Her products are sold online and they don’t get people high. “We want a license, we are willing to write a check… we’re not even in the THC business,” said Sister Kate. There were also people who stood in opposition to cultivation, “I worry about home invasions and when they go and pull out plants…it relieves the stress,” said one woman who claims her neighbor is growing marijuana behind her home.

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