Cities Divided By Different Approaches To Pot – Journal Advocate

The Green Stop is located just off Main Street in Log Lane Village. Fort Morgan does not allow the sale of recreational marijuana but their less populated “Why lose those tax dollars? It’s crazy.” In Log Lane Village, with a population of less than 1,000, more than one-quarter of the town’s sales tax revenues comes from its two marijuana shops. Log Lane’s budget will leap from $264,000 this year to $400,000 in 2016. The town already used some of its newfound revenues to repave two blocks. It plans to repave two more blocks in the spring. “There were pot holes you could fall into,” said Log Lane Village Trustee Robin Mastin, who owns a liquor store across the street from pot retailer Green Stop. “We told people that when recreational sales went in, all of it would go toward fixing this town up.” In Manitou Springs, finance director Rebecca Davis characterized 2015’s 62 percent increase in sales tax revenues over 2014 from $2.4 million to more than $3.8 million as “astonishing.” Manitou has two retail marijuana stores. The town 5 miles west of Colorado Springs has allocated $40,000 of that additional money to its road fund and is funding much-needed flood mitigation projects. It also hired a private security company this past summer to patrol its tourist-dependent downtown. Mayor Marc Snyder said the town’s reserve budget has swelled from $160,000 six years ago to $1.6 million in 2015. “It’s been an incredible shot in the arm for Manitou,” he said.

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