Cannabis Expert Talks Medical Marijuana Boom and Cannabis 2.0

Since Canada became the first industrialized country to legalize recreational cannabis use last year, there’s been a lot of anticipation about what it may mean for the global marijuana market.

Some industry experts, however, say that medical cannabis is going to be much more lucrative globally. During a panel presentation last week, investors got the chance to learn from cannabis expert Charles Taerk about the best moves to make in marijuana.

Taerk, who is president and CEO of Faircourt Asset Management, said that medical cannabis is where the most impressive opportunities are going to develop in the next few years as the industry stabilizes.

Faircourt Asset Management is a sub-advisor to Ninepoint Partners, a Toronto-based investment manager. Faircourt has its hand in the metals sector, North American equities and, more recently, the cannabis space through the Ninepoint Alternative Health Fund.

The actively managed fund is largely focused on cannabis and features marijuana stocks as well as companies in the larger healthcare industry.

During the presentation, Taerk said that a “demographic tailwind” of baby boomers looking to stay healthy, along with the growing acceptance of cannabis as an alternative form of healthcare, will support the development of the industry over the next decade. He also said that the nascent global cannabis market is going to be built on “global medical innovation.”

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