But At The Last Minute, All The Cannabis-based Cooking Oils Had To Be Replaced With Regular Oils.

That put a crimp in the cooking competition, in which chefs were supposed to be set up against each other, bracket style, and make dishes infused with cannabis. Alisha Brown of Las Vegas faced off against Brian Peace, with both making Italian dishes for a panel of three judges who drove from Salt Lake City. But at the last minute, all the cannabis-based cooking oils had to be replaced with regular oils. Now it’s essentially a cooking competition, Brezny said. Peace, who beat Brown to advance to the next round, said the change in plans affected the entire approach to cooking. And both chefs said it removed some of the luster from the event. It’s making progress, Brown said of the march toward pot legalization. “I hope we can get to a point where it’s just not an issue anymore. Some attendees believed legalization wasnt slowing down and that as more states pass marijuana legislation, it will Green Rush eventually reach a critical mass. Phil Russo, who runs a medical marijuana business in Michigan, said he would like to see pot legalized federally to remove the barriers to using banks and allow his patients to use credit cards.

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