Axim Featured By Reuters: Biotech Receives Cannabis Strains At “discount For Gum To Treat Multiple Sclerosis” – Yahoo Finance

MedChewRx.jpg The article also clarifies, But state health systems in some countries, including GW’s home market, do not consider the drug sufficiently cost-effective to justify coverage. Affordable healthcare is a key initiative for AXIM Biotech. The Company has plans to pass on cost savings to patients through MedChew Rx, which is a patented new cannabinoid-based medicinal delivery method for many indications including pain and spasticity in MS. Reuters reports that, The company says it will be able to price its gum cheaper than a major competitor after securing a significant discount on cannabis made available by the Dutch government, which has a policy of promoting the drug for medicinal use. In addition to the Health Ministry of The Netherlands which is sourcing the pharmaceutical-grade cannabis for AXIM Biotechs product development, the Company has assembled a world-class roster of leading health organizations and professionals. Also supporting the Companys efforts include: Bedrocan The only company in the world producing full bud, standardized medicinal cannabis, Bedrocan is under contract with the Ministry of Health of The Netherlands. Bedrocan provides the base materials for AXIMs clinical trials. Professor John Zajicek The worlds authority on cannabis and neurodegenerative diseases, Prof. Zajicek is a member of AXIM Biotech’s advisory board, and also the Chair of Clinical Neuroscience University of St. Andrews U.K., and is entrusted to conduct AXIMs clinical trials on pain and spasticity in multiple sclerosis. Syncom BV A world leader in specialized pharmaceutical chemistry and manufacturing, Syncom BV, is tasked with isolating and purifying the cannabinoid molecules for AXIMs MedChew Rx. QPS A contract research organization specializing in discovery, pre-clinical and clinical drug development, QPS is entrusted to manage AXIMs phase 1-3 clinical trials. Leadership at QPS who are involved in AXIMs MedChew RX development include: Dr. Jan-Bart Hak – Division Director of Clinical Research at QPS, and Dr.

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