At First Glance, It Seems Like The Kind Of Plan Youd Come Up In A Board Room With A Bong On The Big Table.

Legalizing Marijuana Background Checks Heres how it works. Allegheny County gets two of the five permits, and Butler, Washington and Westmoreland each get one. The twist is that every licensee can also have two other locations with each location requiring a $30,000 permit fee but each has to be in two other counties in the region. For example, one of the licensees in Allegheny County can have another dispensary in Beaver and a third in Washington. Each of the three in Alleghenys neighboring counties can also put one in Allegheny and one in any other regional county not their own. At first glance, it seems like the kind of plan youd come up in a board room with a bong on the big table. In its favor, though, one cant possibly be stoned and understand it. Perhaps thats the failsafe. Theres a long application for dispensary permits that includes a lot of good questions, an initial nonrefundable fee of $5,000, those $30,000 location fees (refundable Marijuana Stocks to those who dont make the cut) and the need to show proof of $150,000 in capital. Clearly, theres big money in medical marijuana.

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