This Pot Delivery Startup Wants To Deliver Weed With Drones

San Francisco-based startup Trees Delivery , which brands itself as “the original craft cannabis box,” is attempting to bring its subscription pot box to a higher level by enlisting the help of drones for its delivery service. “We see drones as an amazing tool for delivery. A drone will never be late,” CEO Marshall Hayner tells Mashable. See also: Potbox: A monthly subscription box for dank weed Although the idea of goods delivered via drone is nothing new and was popularized by Amazon , which is still attempting to convince the the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), NASA and Verizon to test out its program, marijuana may actually be one of the few things that makes some sense to be delivered by drone, physically at least. Unlike most goods, weed is extremely lightweight. A single ounce of marijuana is a lot of weed, far more than one person can should consume in a week’s time. So it sort of makes sense that it would be a good product for drone delivery. But then there’s the safety issue: If a bunch of drones are flying around San Francisco with weed in them, it’s only a matter of time before they start getting knocked out of the sky. People robbing drug dealers of their product is nothing new, and we doubt that will change, especially in a state where marijuana isn’t even legal for recreational consumption. At the moment, Trees Delivery’s drone program seems more like a tech-stoner dream than one that will actually come true anytime soon.

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