Survey: Majority Of Us Doctors Support Medical Marijuana Legalization

Medical marijuana may be a better painkiller than narcotic painkillers, like oxycodone, with less potential for addiction. More research will help us better understand how best to use medical marijuana in the treatment of many conditions that cause chronic pain. Though not all doctors agree that medical marijuana is a safe option for patients, the doctors overwhelming support for legalizing medical marijuana is a positive sign for medical marijuana advocates who have long argued that fear of retaliation has kept more medical professionals from openly endorsing the drug. Talking to MintPress News last November, Kris Hermes, media liaison for the medical marijuana advocacy group Americans for Safe Access, explained that many doctors fear retaliation from the federal government if they recommend marijuana because the DEA is the agency responsible for determining whether a doctor can be licensed to prescribe medicine.

Whether its a misperception or not, which we think it is, Hermes said, many doctors are reluctant to recommend medical marijuana out of concern that it could jeopardize their medical license. But doctors are legally protected under the First Amendment to recommend not prescribe marijuana to patients, so Hermes said the DEA cant technically revoke a doctors license for recommending that a patient use medical marijuana. Although fear of losing ones license hasnt kept all doctors from speaking out in favor of medical marijuana use, Hermes said those who have recommended the substance were negatively branded by the feds as pot docs in an attempt to discredit these specialized doctors among the greater medical community.

Since a survey in the New England Journal of Medicine last June found that about 76 percent of doctors around the world support medical marijuana use, and 75 percent of North America-based physicians would describe the drug, it seems like the war on drugs is failing in the medical world.

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