Strict Medical Marijuana Restrictions May Hinder Those In Need

Zebro and his mother were disappointed and concerned that he couldnt get approved for a medical marijuana card in Oregon. If caught with the drug, the legal consequences would jeopardize his financial aid. The added pressure of school, and his need to keep good grades for financial aid, hasnt helped his stress. Chris Campagna, the supervisor at the Oregon Medical Marijuana Clinic of Eugene , said the OMMC sees a lot of patients who struggle with the stricter process for Oregon cards. Oregon is unique in that out-of-state residents can get cards, Campagna said. Its one of the only states that allow that, and its a bit more challenging to obtain medical cards in Oregon. Even if approved Zebro wouldnt have been able to afford a card. The approximate cost of an assessment appointment at a medical marijuana clinic is around $175. The Oregon Medical Marijuana Program fees are another $200.

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