Recreational Pot Users Score Bags Of Bud At Oregon Shops | The Collegian

Customers can buy as much as 7 grams at a time of dried marijuana flower and leaf the part thats generally smoked plus plants and seeds. For the next year or so, pot-infused candy, cookies, oils and lotions will be available only to people with medical marijuana cards as the state works on retail regulations for those products. Oregon has a robust supply system that has supported medical marijuana users and the black market. Companies have invested in massive warehouses in Portland to grow the drug indoors, and southern Oregon has some of the nations best conditions for outdoor cultivation. Growers dont face strict regulations yet, so the supply can more easily flow into retail stores than it did in Washington and Colorado. Still, there is concern. Summer has historically been a time of marijuana shortages in Oregon, and most of the outdoor crop is not ready to harvest. Indoor growers have had minimal time to ramp up production, because lawmakers only approved the Oct. 1 start date three months ago. We have kind of a seasonal growing market here in Oregon, said Jeremy Pratt, owner of Nectar Cannabis, which has four stores in Portland.

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