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They bring jobs and increased economic activity while providing patients suffering from serious illnesses with an essential physician-recommended medicine. Creating equitable rules for medical cannabis access is a win-win scenario for everyone in a community. Tuesday, a Brookings Institution report accused the federal government of stifling medical marijuana research . Researchers at the liberal think-tank called on the federal government to eliminate obstacles to medical marijuana research in a strongly-worded report today. The federal government is stifling medical research in a rapidly transforming area of public policy that has consequences for public health and public safety, the report, authored by John Hudak and Grace Wallack, says. Statutory, regulatory, bureaucratic, and cultural barriers have paralyzed science and threatened the integrity of research freedom in this area. For a start, marijuana should be moved to Schedule II, they said. California On Monday, a federal judge ruled that the feds cant shut down state-legal marijuana businesses . US District Court Judge Charles Breyer ruled that the Justice Department is barred from prosecuting with marijuana operations that are in compliance with state laws. Breyer cited recent votes in Congress to prohibit such actions. The move came in the case of the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana, which had been ordered closed by a permanent injunction in 2012. Attorneys for the alliance successfully argued that the congressional moves invalidated the injunction, and Breyer agreed.

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