Medical Marijuana Industry Gets Off The Ground « Cbs Miami

Ive got a number of calls from people trying to figure out how they got scored, said Jeff Sharkey, a lobbyist who formed the Medical Marijuana Business Association of Florida and is affiliated with two nurseries that didnt make the cut. From that, people will make some decisions. Going back to growing tomatoes is option one. Option two is, some people have raised concerns about the perception of the nursery rulemaking committee and trying to figure out their scores and whether or not there are grounds for a protest. Thats kind of a normal review process for folks whove lost. Implementation of the law has been delayed due to legal challenges and an administrative law judge, who last year rejected the Department of Healths first stab at a rule that would have used a lottery system to choose the license winners. The department then held a rare negotiated rulemaking workshop comprised of industry insiders, including Florida nurseries and marijuana experts from other states to craft the regulations for the states marijuana industry. Under the law passed last year and approved by Gov. Rick Scott, only nurseries that have been in business in Florida for at least 30 years and grow a minimum of 400,000 plants at the time they applied for a license were eligible to become one of the five dispensing organizations. The nurseries teamed up with a variety of consultants, including out-of-state marijuana growers, in the hopes of edging out the competition.

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