Medical Marijuana Delivery Mobile App Expands To Fullerton, Garden Grove – The Orange County Register

In the past, Garden Grove has frowned on mobile marijuana. After city officials ordered dispensaries to close in May 2013, the businesses started delivering. City officials threatened fines of $1,000 daily, and advocates argued the ban only applied to storefronts, not delivery services. Nestdrop first delivered in Los Angeles but has since stopped. In December, a Los Angeles judge ordered the company to stop operating in the city, citing Proposition D, a voter-backed measure putting restrictions on pot shops in the city. As we were ready to spread our wings, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuers office filed a damaging lawsuit against us, Pycher said in a crowd-funding web page started to finance the companys legal fees. Pycher has argued that the company is a technological service and not subject to the propositions regulations.
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