Medical Marijuana Delivery App Halted In Los Angeles – Bloomberg

Todays ruling does not stop the delivery of medical marijuana in Los Angeles by the dozens of delivery services in the city, Nestdrop co-founder Michael Pycher said in a statement. It only restricts Nestdrop from communicating information between a patient and a dispensary. The company said its evaluating options in Los Angeles and will continue its service outside the city. Los Angeles voters approved a ballot measure known as Proposition D last year to reduce to 135 the number of dispensaries. Feuer said in a statement that in 17 months hes closed 408 dispensaries, half of those operating. This app is a flagrant attempt to circumvent the will of the voters who passed Prop D, Feuer said in the statement. Nestdrop said in its statement that the delivery services actually minimize the need for storefront dispensaries in residential areas. The company said it doesnt grow or deliver marijuana but uses qualified partners for those activities. The case is People of the State of California v.
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