Group In Ohio Not Giving Up On Legalization Of Pot

Were not imposing any regulations on it above and beyond what the state wants. I think were splitting hairs a little because Im not going to put it in a residential zone or commercial zone. Its an industrial use and it belongs in the industrial zone. When marijuana was legalized in Washington state, the production of commercial hemp was decriminalized as well. Some legislation to legalize it outright and treat it as an agricultural product sailed through the Senate but was defeated in the House. Hemp is a common ingredient in paper, cloth and food products, but hemp cultivation was made illegal in 1970 in the U.S. because of its relationship to marijuana. While 22 states have legalized the production of legal hemp since, and legislation has been introduced at the federal level, the law has yet to be overturned. The majority of hemp thats sold in the United States is imported from Canada. The Hemp Industry Association estimates the sales of hemp food and body care products were more than $620 million for 2014.

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