‘godmother’ Of Cannabis Meets Her Tech-happy Children At Sf Pot Summit – Cnet

"Godmother of marijuana dispensaries" Lynette Shaw at the New West Summit in San Francisco on Friday. The conference was devoted to the melding of tech and pot. James Martin/CNET Much to his parents’ chagrin, Dietrich decided not to go college and instead maxed out $17,000 on his credit cards to start MassRoots. Last year, as the company’s app became one of the fastest moving in Apple’s App Store, it caught the attention of the iPhone maker, which pulled it and banned all cannabis apps. But MassRoots enlisted 10,000 of its users and the National Cannabis Association to send letters to Apple CEO Tim Cook, explaining how Apple’s policies stifled innovation in the cannabis industry. Cook and company reversed course in February. Two months later MassRoots went public , and it currently has a market capitalization at more than $50 million. “Our mission is about connecting and empowering the cannabis community,” Dietrich said of MassRoots, which is also a go-to site for discovering the hottest marijuana strains on the market. “We’re the portal.” For Shaw, the activist, these are good times. In addition to her lifetime achievement award, she’s back working in the industry after a federal judge last month lifted an injunction against her dispensary. Shaw said she had founded the Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana, in Fairfax, California, to help those suffering from illnesses including cancer and AIDS. The dispensary had as many as 9,000 members but was shuttered during a federal crackdown in 2011. The judge ruled, however, that the Justice Department can’t prosecute legal providers of medical cannabis, citing an amendment approved by Congress last year requiring the federal government to respect state marijuana laws.

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