For Cannabis Apps, The Road To The App Store Is Paved With Rejection – Yahoo News

AFP   Marijuana may not be America’s largest cash crop, as was long rumored, but it’s still probably a $4 billion annual business.  As of las... “As it is, it’s easy to be rejected. It’s frustrating.” Apple rejects about 30% of the 26,000 apps it receives for review each week, the company told a congressional committee in 2012. But app developers’ frustrations don’t stop once an app makes it into the store. Each time an update is made, the app must be reviewed again. “It’s never a quick thing,” Eastman said. Eaze , the marijuana delivery app backed by investors including Snoop Dogg, has spent the past year trying to get its consumer app into Apples app store. View photo . AFP Marijuana may not be Americas largest cash crop, as was long rumored, but its still probably a $4 billion To understand fully what their position is you have to jump through a lot of hoops, Jamie Feaster, head of marketing for Eaze, said describing the process of negotiating a route into Apples app store. Apple has approved an enterprise app its drivers use, and Eaze already is part of the Google Play store. There seems to be an eagerness to work with companies in this emerging market, but the issue seems to be playing nice by federal regulations, Feaster said, noting that delivery companies seem to face higher barriers to entry. Still, Eaze isnt too discouraged by Apples rejection.

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