Five Florida Nurseries Approved To Grow Medical Marijuana | And The Tampa Tribune

Sen. Rob Bradley, who was instrumental in passing the law, said he congratulated state Surgeon General John Armstrong early Monday morning. Applications for the licenses were due on July 8, and Bradley and other lawmakers had become frustrated that it was taking the Department of Health so long to pick the five dispensing organizations. I think now the attention should be focused on the industry to make sure that they cause no further delays and we move forward getting this product to these suffering families as quickly as possible, Bradley, R-Fleming Island, said. The department did its job. And now its time for the industry to step up. No further delays. Lets move forward. But legal challenges over the awarding of the licenses are almost a given. It has always been anticipated that there will be challenges, and Ive seen nothing in this process to persuade me that we will not see some of the winners challenged, said Louis Rotundo, a lobbyist who represents the Florida Medical Cannabis Association and who also has a small ownership interest in at least one of the losing applicants. Losers have 21 days to file challenges, but Patricia Nelson, a former director of the Department of Healths Office of Compassionate Use who served on the three-member panel that graded the applications, said this year that challenges to the licenses will not hold up the process. The winners of the licenses have 75 days to request cultivation authorization and, once that authorization has been granted, must begin dispensing the low-THC products within 210 days, meaning that the low-THC products could be on the shelves by next summer.

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