First Church Of Cannabis’ Inaugural Service Will Not Include Weed – Yahoo News

Cannabis church: No marijuana smoking planned for July 1 service The Police dept has wagged [sic] a display of shameless misconceptions and voluntary ignorance. We will do our first service without the use of any cannabis, he wrote . Levin, a 59-year-old carpenter, said that his Indianapolis-based house of worship would have a better chance securing its right to get high for spiritual purposes if his congregants were not dragged to criminal court. We will meet them in a civil court where the laws are clear about religious persecution, he continued. We do not start fights. We Finish Them! View gallery The First Church of Cannabis, established to test Indiana’s new religious objections law, will have In May, the First Church of Cannabis , which Levin had founded two months earlier, was designated a nonprofit organization by the Internal Revenue Service. Cannabis is currently illegal in Indiana for both recreational and medicinal use. But Levin argues that the states controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act should protect them from legal consequences for smoking the plant for religious purposes. Several supporters expressed disappointment with the churchs decision not to proceed with using the drug at its inaugural service as an act of civil disobedience. Make them arrest everyone/anyone, and make the state waste tax dollars blatantly in the open to see how much cannabis prohibition really costs, one supporter posted to the groups Facebook wall. The church responded to many of these complaints with a quote from attorney Abdul-Hakim Shabazz, who thinks the decision is a brilliant move from a tactical perspective. “You avoid the hassle of criminal charges, but instead you go to civil court to challenge the law.

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