California Cities Rush To Ban Pot Shops As State Deadline Looms – La Times

Dozens of the other 463 cities in the state are considering new bans or restrictions, creating panic among those who support medical marijuana. Join the conversation on Facebook >> During the scramble at the end of the legislative session this year, an inadvertent drafting error placed a deadline on local jurisdictions, Wood wrote to the states cities and counties. My intent to remove the deadline has bipartisan and stakeholder support.” Deborah Hoffman, a spokeswoman for Gov. Jerry Brown , confirmed Friday that he was on board. See the most-read stories this hour >> Read the story “We support a legislative fix,” she said. “The governor supports allowing local municipalities a reasonable amount of time to come up with regulations that work for their communities.” The promise of an emergency fix was welcomed by Dale Gieringer, executive director of California NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, which supports the legalization of marijuana. This letter should help cool down local officials who have been stampeding to restrict cultivation without adequate consideration, Gieringer said Friday. California voters approved a ballot measure nearly 20 years ago that legalized the sale of medical marijuana to patients in the state, but it was not until Oct. 9 of this year that Brown signed legislation creating state regulations for the growth, transport and sale of cannabis. The state law says that local cities and counties can adopt their own rules, and voters in Los Angeles did so in 2013, approving a measure that calls for a sharply reduced number of pot shops as well as taxes on those operating legally. (Robin Abcarian) Wood said his hope was to have the emergency legislation signed and take effect before March 1.

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